Midreshet Amit Shabbaton in Kochav HaShachar

The yearly Shabbaton in Kochav HaShachar was a big hit!  The girls from Midreshet Amit all have huge hearts as evidenced by their choice to learn Torah in a unique environment that couples learning with chessed activities with young children.  These girls don’t just take a break and go do chessed.  They LIVE with these children in a beautiful campus in Gilo, Jerusalem.  The Shabbaton featured multiple panels with guests from the Yishuv and each of the students had 2 meals with families of the Yishuv.  The special guests from Midreshet Amit were Rabbi Jason and Dara Knapel and guest Rabbi from Kochav Hashachar, Rabbi Ari Schwat.  Looking forward to next year’s Shabbaton!   


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